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Sim City 5 – There will be DRM, no mod support

Sim City 5 – There will be DRM, no mod support



You need a constant network connection to run the game, which does not initially support mods.

Sometime next year, the new part of the long – established city management series, the Sim City 5. Since the announcement a few weeks ago, the developers have revealed several exciting details, and the capabilities of the engine working during the game have already been demonstrated in a video. Today, new information has come to light again, but it is less bright. It turned out that we would need a permanent net connection and an Origin profile to run the game. It was also decided that at the time of its release, Sim City 5 would not support mods that kept the fourth part alive for a decade. About this, the creative director of EA Maxis, Ocean Quigley spoke during an interview.
“Right now, we’re focusing all our attention on making a game worthy of the Sim City series. We’re aware that the reason players still play the fourth installment of Sim City ten years after its release is to be found in the ever-appearing modes. they completely redesigned the game and fixed all its bugs. We keep that in mind, we weren’t crazy. “

According to Quigley’s statement, it can be expected that although the game will not support modulation when it is released, it may change later.