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Sim City Societies Pictures

Sim City Societies Pictures



Fifteen pictures of the renewable SimCity.

In mid-June, it was announced that you would resurrect the great past Sim City series, but this time they change the style of the game a bit too. Of course, urban planning will remain, but from now on, our buildings and our population will depend much more on our attitude. This is because the possibility of varying sociology appears as a novelty. The possibilities are endless, we can create any society, from a nomadic settlement to a ghost town and spiritual community to a modern metropolis. During the game, the mayor can choose from more than 350 freely combinable building types and play extremes at ease. For example, what happens when we confront power in an unbridled Orwellian society, or whether we live happily in an amusement park town between giant wheels and chocolate factories. Fifteen new images of Societies are scheduled to be released in November, here are: