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Six-Guns Gang Showdown: let’s take a trip to the old west! Game of the Week!

Six-Guns Gang Showdown: let’s take a trip to the old west! Game of the Week!

Welcome to a new appointment with the Game of the Week that sees the winner today Six- Guns Gang Showdown the game to relive the old west! Six- Guns Gang Showdown is produced by the software-house Gameloft, very famous and always attentive to every detail, which today allows us to review this really well done and well articulated title.

The game is set in the ancient West or rather the West of “Italian action” films to be clear where you will have to face many adventures and defeat many enemies. Six- Guns Gang Showdown is a first or third person game, depending on the various settings and will immerse you in a truly wonderful world, especially for lovers of western genre! As usual, at the beginning you will find yourself in front of the tutorial, or rather you will immediately have to sconfuse bandits who are mistreating a beautiful girl damsel. After that the real tutorial will come in which the sweet girl will also be the one who will accompany you with her advice for a good part of the game.

The game will continue with numerous tips and some in app purchases, but the thing that has left us amazed is the story that hides the game itself. Six-Guns Gang Showdown in fact it has a great deal variety of different levels , well articulated with each other! we were concerned that all missions might somehow look alike, while we were amazed from the assortment of them. Just to name a few, you will find yourself looking for materials to make antidotes, to make horse speed racing, aiming contests with the pistol, timed defenses of an area, exploration of dungeons and even the solving of some simple puzzles. As usual, your character’s weapons (guns) can be upgraded with a few coins or paying for the upgrade with real money.

The game system is quite simple and the mechanics of Six-Guns Gang Showdown are entrusted to the now tested couple stick by dynamic positioning. An automatic aim completes the work and makes your first mission a breeze, giving you the first coins and some experience! However, you will have to face numerous levels, which increase as you progress through the game, in the difficulty and in general complexity (as it should be). You will never get tired because every mission hides within itself a piece of game history, so as you go on you will discover new and fascinating things!

The graphics are console, or like Gameloft got us used to knowing. Precisely for this reason, the game is recommended or in any case it is usable on medium-high range devices, with at leastor 1 Gb of RAM. This is because only the game data reaches approx 1GB of space, but the graphics are well taken care of in the smallest details and a graphics card not up to par will not allow you to enjoy the maximum of definition. The sounds are very realistic and everything is articulated in a truthful and typical atmosphere of those years. The game is available on various platforms, both smartphones and tablets and can also be downloaded for free from Play Store or from the App Store with in-app purchases which will allow you to speed up the missions. I leave you with the video and the complete review of Six-Guns Gang Showdown!

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