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Smash Champs coming to Android and iOS


Smash Champs coming to Android and iOS

In a few weeks we could test a new game on iOS and Android, we are talking about Smash Champs; a video game made by Kiloo Gamesa well-known software house that has produced fantastic and unique titles: Subway Surfers, Frisbee Forever, Frisbee Forever 2 and Bullet Time HD.

This video game is based on very innovative game mechanics: that is, a gameplay based on gesture (and therefore from swipe), of spectacular and amazing fights and a series of equipment to create the character of our dreams. This video game is in a private Beta phase (unfortunately only on iOS) and we will see it for the beginning of October. Of course there is no news on the certain release date.

Furthermore, in it it will be possible to play online through breathtaking fights against friends or against players (randomly) located all over the world. It will certainly be joined by the Google Play Store and all the services it contains.

In conclusion, this game will be free with the f2p formula (commonly referred to as free-to-play) with in-app purchases, certainly for legendary and more powerful equipment.

We just have to wait for updates related to this title.

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