The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu includes a lengthy interview with the Game Director of Resident Evil 2 Kazunori Kadoi, Crew Director Yasuhiro Ampo, and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

In it there have been many interesting details about this remake and at Sonyers we wanted to collect them all to offer them to you in this preview. Enjoy it!

A higher graph goal

The developers have started by mentioning that they have surprised about the good reception at E3 and honored to receive the Game Critics Award. Development “proceeds smoothly.” They are aware of the high expectations for the game and want to meet them.

Ampo mentions that since the game It will be released two years after Resident Evil 7the team knew that I had to overcome it graphically. How the team used RE Engine for the first time they first had to know what they could achieve, but they were surprised by the high performance.

After that, they pointed to a different direction compared to the previous game. While RE7 is photorealistic and organic, RE2 is a bit more cinematic in nature.. It would have been difficult for it to be interesting if I just followed in the footsteps of RE7. This took a bit more trial and error to pull off.

Hirabayashi mentions that it was tight until just before the E3 keynote and his stomach felt tight when they showed the game on stage.

The new key art is an homage to 1998’s Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. but instead of just reproducing it, they gave it a unique twist for the new game.

how the characters were made

In the game, Leon is 21 and Claire is 19.. both have been captured from real models and designed in a way that they can be adjusted to the environment. To create their clothes, a new design has been made taking into account the type of equipment what they would use. If your equipment is very heavy it would be very easy to beat the zombies; but if it is very light it would be very difficult to survive in that environment. The approach was similar to what you do to create an action movie.

Curiously, Leon’s face has been scanned from the actor’s due to its resemblance, but the body belongs to someone else, a westerner working at Capcom who has a body build that fits the character. This approach was selected because it is very difficult to find someone who has both the face and the body that fit Leon.

Speaking of models, the current 3D model for Leon in the game was used to create the Collector’s Edition statue, which was later retouched by an artist. It’s as close to the character as possible. The team put a lot of effort into the Collector’s Edition, and the Resident Evil series has never had a figure so much like a character from the game.

Although finding the right design for Leon has been a challenge, his facial modeling has been relatively easy. However, her hairstyle has required a lot of trial, error and repetition. The whole image is close to her appearance in Resident Evil 4. If the team kept the original hairstyle from the old Resident Evil 2, it would create a feeling of incompatibility.

for clairesince the actress is thinner than the image of the character, her body and face were also scanned separately.

They initially tried to go with the original design, but that suit was quite difficult to design so they opted to go with a more modern approach instead. That said, of course kept the color red. They have also made sure to emphasize that she is 19 years old in her design. Since she appears on a motorcycle they gave her a biker look. After all, one cannot ride a motorcycle wearing shorts.

Claire’s design is perhaps more feminine than the original. He doesn’t look wild but he does look younger and more optimistic.

And how are the young characters

In the game, Claire is capable enough to survive on her own.. This is something the developers have been aware of when writing the scenario. For their bike, they actually asked Harley-Davidson in order to take references from the real thing. Part of the reason is that there are some among the staff who like motorcycles. They also received examples of the sound of a Harley-Davidson engine.

Sherry he also looks a bit older. She is 12 years old but in the original game she seemed to be 10. Her demeanor is also a bit more mature.

Of course, Ada Wong will also appear in the gamebut the developers have remained coy about it.

Although they cannot share anything about Ada’s appearance in the game, they have worked very hard on her design and were extremely particular with her. She will be revealed at a future time.

There were many discussions about what a zombie would feel like and they decided they should feel wet and rusty. Since their resemblance is close to humans, they deliberately tried to make them not look too much like monsters. After that, what makes zombies terrifying is that they were once human.

Replayability and other curiosities

Over the Minigames they can’t say much apart from the presence of The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor, but they are working on the game so that it can be played many times. Is it so preparing “something” to allow a lot of replayability, maybe more than in RE7. It will be fun to play with it.

The developers believe that the game will be good for speed runners as there are many moments that will allow players to save time on their way. Even a game using only the knife is possible.

Interestingly, in the game’s E3 demo, it was possible to leave the police station, but apparently nobody noticed so it wasn’t shown publicly.

Resident Evil 2 will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show and the developers encourage attendees to take a look outside the police station this time.

The developers have made an effort to include accessories that could be compatible with the time period since the game is set in 1998. Even the song that plays when Leon appears has been created with an awareness of the grunge tunes popular in the United States at the time.

Development is entering the final sprint and the team is confident that they can complete the game smoothly, encouraging new and original fans to try it out with a fresh perspective.

Resident Evil 2 will be available on January 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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