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Sony Interactive Entertainment is born

Sony Interactive Entertainment is born

Today is a day to remember in PlayStation’s long history for the official birth of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE). This new corporate organization will unite the forces of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment LLC (SNEI) into a single interactive and global company.

These are the words of Shawn Layden, president of Sony Entertainment America, to celebrate the merger.

The new company’s goal will be to develop an unprecedented digital entertainment service also including hardware, software, digital content and network components. The company headquarters will be located in the United States, more precisely in California, and will accompany the Tokyo and London offices in the work on the development of new technologies.

Formally the two companies were already working towards a single goal but developing their own projects independently and then combining the results. Thanks to this merger, the Japanese company has laid the foundations for the growth of the PlayStation brand which will allow users to enjoy the benefits resulting from this marriage considering that in this way the possibility of errors and incompatibilities will be drastically reduced.

But let’s not expect miracles in the short term. A newly born company cannot be fully operational immediately, it needs a running-in period to get to full capacity even if it is a giant like Sony. However we can assume that in one or two years the changes and improvements that will be made to the entire PlayStation ecosystem could be highly revolutionary. Let’s not forget that very interesting products such as the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4.5 are currently in the works and we hope that many more will arrive in the near future.