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Sony launches Sony Xperia E3 to counter Moto G in India


Sony launches Sony Xperia E3 to counter Moto G in India

Sony launches its Sony Xperia E3, announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin, India, to try to counter Motorola’s Moto G dominance. Will Sony be able to unseat Moto G’s dominance?

The Sony Xperia E3 announced in early September at IFA is ready to land in India to counter the dominance of Motorola with its Motorola Moto G. The Sony Xperia E3, as we write, is being sold in Indian stores at a competitive price, especially to be considered a medium range. The device is created in two versions, one with the standard version of the sim, or monosim, while another version will have the dual sim function, much appreciated outside Italy.

The price of this smartphone from Sony, as mentioned, is very competitive, in order to beat Motorola Moto G, which, according to many data, sells very well in India. The two phones are very similar, especially in terms of hardware and technical specifications. Sony Xperia E3 has a processor SnapDragon 400 Quad-Core combined with 1 GB of RAM. The Andoird version aboard the Sony is among the most recent versions of Andoird 4.4 KitKat, The Sony Xperia E3 has a 5 MP camera, fast 4G networks (which has the Motorola Moto G version 4G), 4 GB of internal memory expandable via Micro SD and well 2330 Mah to ensure good battery life.

The price to take home a Sony Xperia E3 is about 149 euros for the single sim version and 162 for the dual sim version. An excellent product to keep an eye on especially based on the price, in case you arrive in Italy with the same change. Stay connected on BestyGames to learn more, also you can read everything there is to know about Sony Xperia E3 from our prewiew at IFA here: Sony Xperia E3 Prewiew at IFA