Sony will be looking closely at the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED later this year. Depending on that, Sony even wants to consider a price increase for its PlayStation 5 console, we read via the PS Lifestyle. According to a report from the Japanese Times, Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda has announced that Nintendo is currently experimenting with the price for the Switch OLED model. The price of that console will be around 350 Dollar/Euro. Sony would like to reconsider and increase its price for the PS5 given that the Switch OLED is also more expensive than the standard model. The info would come from someone within Sony who is involved in the strategy of PlayStation. We are already seeing price increases in this generation for games, but more would also be charged for hardware if it was up to manufacturers. The PS5 disc version currently costs 500 Euros. The console is still struggling with significant shortages on the market. Sony itself has not responded to the information.

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