Six new images have arrived from the SpellForce add-on.

The German Phenomic his team is already well known to role-playing fans, thanks to the SpellForce series. They are currently working on the first add – on for Shadow Wars, which is SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm was given the title. In this, our task is to find magical portals, because these gates connect Eo’s very fragmented archipelago, but since they have been damaged, they have been unusable for some time. Of course, who else could help the unfortunate state than we do, we just have to reckon with the fact that we have to talk to the local reception committee before the teleports are filled, among whom we will find extra opponents like the generations of dragons. In principle, the game will be released in mid-February this year, but not much can be heard about it, although new images have finally arrived in the gallery today.


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