The strategy-role-playing mix continues.

THE JoWooD today announced the continuation of its successful strategy-RPG mix a SpellForce II – Blend of Perfection-t. Like its predecessor in the game, the player takes on the role of warlord and hero fighting in the front row. You will be able to summon up to five helpers at the obelisks at a time, of course these helpers get stronger as the story progresses. You can choose from three sides here (Alliance of Light, Hordes of Chaos, Brotherhood of Darkness), and on the huge tracks you can collect raw materials, form your units, fight huge battles, and solve plenty of side quests. Character development will also be extremely well developed, we can choose from more than a hundred qualifications that we like. There will be twelve units on each side of our armies, including infantry, cavalry and flying creatures. In the online game, we will be able to play with avatars registered on the central server, which can be constantly evolving and gain better and better equipment items. The publisher plans to launch the program in the fall.


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