E3 2005


THE Spellforce II it takes the player into the person of an avatar who has to solve missions and evolve like in a normal role-playing game. In addition, a strong RTS line is included in the program and the two form a perfect and inseparable whole. The player will not only be able to develop their character with unique skills, weapons, armor, but also five other heroes who are also part of the story. We will be able to lead one of the three types of the game (The Realm, The Clan, The Pact) into battle, build buildings and recruit your armies. Among the many familiar elements, we will find plenty of novelties that will be included in both the single and multiplayer sections. The strongest of all the dark races, the dark elves are preparing to invade the other civilized races, this will have to be prevented with our hero. We can lead our people into gigantic battles and find even darker secrets in the background. The game is improving in all respects compared to the first part, the graphics engine shows a serious improvement in quality, we can choose our character from more than a hundred skills and even more units are waiting for our commands. The single-player section will promise more than fifty hours of playtime, with plenty of side missions and exciting stories. The multiplayer section features thirty well-balanced tracks for players to play on each other or against the machine via LAN and the Internet. It is planned that this will happen by the end of 2005.


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