More pictures and info have been released JoWooD Productions on the mix of strategy role – playing games being prepared SpellForce – The Order of Dawnabout. Long ago thirteen power-hungry and mighty mages brought destruction to the earth. Because of their struggle, the elements were unleashed, empires disappeared in no time, and the continents were torn to pieces. What remains is a pair of islands connected by magical gates. Just a few years after the devastation, the evil has returned, even stronger and more bloodthirsty than before. He wants to finish what he started. But in spite of all this, there is hope, because the legends foretold the coming of a man in the hour of need. A man who is immortal.
The game is played by Phenomic Games who also created the successful Settlers series. With a highly advanced 3D engine, you can view events from an isometric view and also switch to an FPS view to control individual units. We will be able to select our units from six races, while our opponents will come from thirty different peoples. There will be a lot of magic waiting for the player. Plenty of side quests will add color to the game, which will mostly be a mix of Warcraft 3 and Dungeon Siege. It is expected to be released by the last quarter of 2003.


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