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Spotify begins testing Friends Weekly on Android

Spotify begins testing Friends Weekly on Android

Spotify Friends Weekly It is a function that has been available in the iOS version for a while. Now they are beginning the tests to implement it in the application of Android.

Spotify Friends Weekly: find out what your friends are listening to in Stories format

Spotify It stands out for being the main music-on-demand service in the world. Despite the growth of rivals like Apple Music or the appearance of other competitors such as Tidal, Spotify remains on the throne of the king of music. Even so, and despite offering a sound and discovery experience to match, there is a section in which it lacks punch. We are talking about the social interaction between its users.

And, despite all the members of the Spotify community who use the service on a daily basis, there is no clear way to “connect.” Yes, you can make friends, but there is not much else. And from the company they are clear that this is something that must change, so they will turn slightly towards the social with Spotify Friends Weekly.

What is it Spotify Friends Weekly? Basically, we are talking about a playlist based on what your friends have been listening to. But not only that, but we also talk about the possibility of listening to the same music at the same time, synchronizing your list with whatever your contacts are listening to, as well as sharing your favorite songs. That way, you can follow exactly what someone else is listening to. You will also be able to react to what they are listening to, using emoticons in the style of the direct ones from Instagram.

How to activate Spotify Friends Weekly now

Given the Spotify has already entered the beta code Spotify Friends Weekly, you can activate its use without having to root. You will need to install ADB and run the following commands:

adb shell am start -n “com.spotify.music/com.spotify.music.features.friendsactivity.friendslist.ui.AvatarListContainerActivity”

adb shell am start -n “com.spotify.music/com.spotify.music.features.friendsweekly.findfriends.ui.FindFriendsActivity”

If you are not convinced by this method, you can use an app like Activity Launcher to find the activities mentioned in the lines of code above. In this way, you will have more visual access to Spotify Friends Weekly. From there, it is to make sure that you have contacts added on Spotify and that they listen to music regularly to take advantage of this new tool. In this way, Spotify it becomes a social system with greater interaction, improving the connection between all its users.

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