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Spotify is used more on smartphones than on PCs

Spotify is used more on smartphones than on PCs

Spotify is one of the best streaming music services, in fact we are talking about a service that really allows you to listen to music of all genres, it is true that perhaps competitor programs such as Deezer offer a greater amount of songs, but it is also true that in this case we have a cross-platform system that works without any problem even on PCs and on other devices with other operating systems, for example as well as Windows Phone.

Compared to a couple of years ago where we practically went or up YouTube or we were forced to download our File library on our smartphone by buying 1 album for example for 19 euros, now paying 10 euros a month we have the possibility to listen to practically all the albums we want, consequently we are talking about a really very interesting service .

Spotify was originally born as an application for the PC, but after some time with the launch here was the launch of the application for Android, an app that in the end is not even done so well, it lags quite a lot especially on devices with 1GB of RAM and sometimes is also killed by the system when you go out-memory RAM, in short, it is an application that sometimes must be used in a singular, but it is a service that has really revolutionized everything and everyone a little.

Do you use Spotify on your smartphones? And do you use it in a premium or free version? Let us know below with the comments!