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SPOTIFY Mix by Bela B.

SPOTIFY Mix by Bela B.

This month the mix comes from none other than the doctors drummer Bela B., who has just released his new album. Where exorbitant humor and vampire stories used to be Bela B.’s hobbyhorse, today it is pure country with German and English texts.

DIRECT LINK to the playlist

Bela B. full-time drummer and songwriter of the “best band in the world”, as the doctors call themselves, has released a new solo album. More than 4 years have passed since his last work? Code B? moved into the country. The wait was worth it, as the first single and the accompanying video show!

Where once exorbitant humor and vampire stories were Bela B.’s hobbyhorse, today it is pure country with German and English texts. He doesn’t hesitate either, buckles his Colt around his hips and, with his band Smokestack Lightnin ‘, fills his music with the charm of the cowboys. On? Bye? sounds country, blues and rockabilly. Mariachi winds appear and disappear, polyphonic female singing accompanies the master, while spoons are made in the background, before the next guitar solo rides over waves under the California sun. Then the desert turns into a beach, the cacti into parasols and the fire water into a cocktail. Sure, the irony shouldn’t be missing with Bela B., like the Kuhstall video for the first single? shows.

Bela B. plays country with the broad impact of a new Bully Herbig film. However, maximum reach does not have to be an ingratiation to the mainstream. Country is not predestined for this either, even if the big city cowboys of The BossHoss have made the rocking limits of the genre mass-compatible. Bela B. probably doesn’t care either. He probably only released this album as a secondary success. First and foremost is having fun making music, which is also proven by the choice of his accompanying band, of which he is a big fan himself. Together they succeed with? Bye? a western blockbuster, including a love ride into the sunset (Sentimental), an erotic high-noon duel (pampering), driving steamy blues (My Soul) and lo-fi shaman rock (Teufelsküche). Only Bela B.

Bela B. has put together a list of his favorite songs for us to go with the new album. You can listen to them on our Spotify account. We wish you a lot of fun!