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SPOTIFY Mix by Patrice

SPOTIFY Mix by Patrice

Patrice is undisputedly one of the best and most important reggae artists of our time. His new album? The Rising Of The Sun? (from August 30th) proves this impressively. The fact that Patrice found time to create an exclusive Spotify mix despite his many appointments makes us twice as happy! We say thank you and wish you a lot of fun.

Direct link to the playlist

Patrice comes from the hip-hop scene until he was socialized by reggae and the classic singer / songwriters. It is therefore not surprising that, alongside Bob Marley and Buju Banton, artists such as Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan appear among his favorite artists. In addition, with Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stone there are classic rock songs from a time in which love and freedom were very important.

VIDEO: Cry, Cry, Cry

? The Rising Of The Son? reggae and dub merges into a homogeneous whole and brings catchy pop melodies that make everyday life shine. The songs are of such a class that we feel obliged to present the album as a highlight in the upcoming issue of Android users! Before? The Rising Of The Son? on 08/30 is released Patrice provides the song Alive as an appetizer free download ready. All you have to do is like the Facebook profile (click here). You can read more about the new album in the upcoming issue of BestyGames, which will be in stores from September 4th and will arrive even earlier for subscribers (more about subscription).

Before Patrice goes on an extended tour, he will come (tomorrow) on August 23rd. for a free concert in Munich. More precisely in the English Garden to the Monopteros. To do this, you have to get up early, because Patrice starts at 6 a.m. at sunrise. If that is too early, the following dates are recommended:

Patrice Tour 2013

08/23 Übersee, Chiemsee Reggae, 16.10. Karlsruhe, December 3rd. Stuttgart, December 7th. Cologne, December 10th Leipzig, December 11th Hamburg, December 13th Dortmund, December 14th Bremen, December 15 Bielefeld, December 16 Berlin, December 19 Erlangen, December 20 Vienna, December 21 Dornbirn, December 22nd Mannheim