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Spotify now also streams for free on smartphones

Spotify now also streams for free on smartphones

Until now, the music streaming service Spotify could only be accessed on a PC without a premium subscription. In order to be able to use the mobile phone app, you needed a subscription that costs around 10 euros per month. This is now changing with the new tariff structure: If you only need Spotify as a music radio, you can use the service free of charge.

You can still find the Spotify app for free in the Play Store. You still need a Spotify account, which you register either via your email address or via Facebook. The “random playback” on the mobile phone is new.

You can use the playlist, top charts or the search function to find artists or albums that suit your taste. Click on “Shuffle” to start the music playback of the album or the list, but it is not possible to play a specific song.

You can now use the Spotify app without a Spotify subscription.

You can quickly find the right music using top charts or playlists sorted by genre.

The shuffle function plays music from playlists, albums or artists at random and occasionally mixes in a song by another artist that matches the theme. If you don’t like a song, you can skip it – but don’t use this function too often, as a non-premium customer you are only allowed to skip six songs per hour.

As on the PC, the mobile phone app also interrupts its music program for brief advertisements – but these advertising jingles are not quite as often and annoying on the mobile phone.

Without a premium subscription, you can only play artists or albums in shuffle mode.

The player does not differ from “normal” MP3 players.

In addition to the free version, Spotify continues to offer the 9.99 euro premium subscription. With this you have full access to the entire repertoire of the service and can also select specific songs to play. In addition, it is then also possible to store songs on the mobile phone, so that you can also listen to your Spotify music offline.

However, the “Spotify Unlimited” subscription was canceled. With this you could use Spotify on your PC completely without advertising, the mobile phone app was excluded from this subscription model. Existing customers with this subscription can continue to use this tariff, all other new customers have to buy Spotify Premium in the future if they want to use the service with all functions.

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