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Spotify plans update for Android app

Spotify plans update for Android app

Spotify may be the largest music streaming service across platforms, but the Android version of its app has a few shortcomings. These are to be fixed as part of an update.

The Android app from Spotify, which was last updated in November 2011, is not exactly one of the most stable, as many forum entries complain about. The offline access, the synchronization of playlists and the slightly outdated user interface are the focus of criticism. The biggest drawback is that the app version, which is almost half a year old, only runs very poorly on ICS devices. In order to stay on the Android ball, the Spotify team has to step up a gear.

As the colleagues from The Verge now reported, Spotify wants to remedy all of this. A “major update” is on the way – but what “major” stands for remains to be seen. What is certain is that Spotify wants to make its app offerings accessible to Android 4.0 users without jerks and complaints. The company has not yet announced a release date for the update, which can be seen as a good sign, because Spotify should present a solid and carefully worked out successor in view of the alert competition. In the USA in particular, the air around music streaming services is getting thinner: Rdio, Songza and MOG, which was bought by HTC’s music service Beats Audio, are serious opponents.

Source: androidauthority.com, theverge.com