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Spotify Playlist: Musical Highlights in April

Spotify Playlist: Musical Highlights in April

It was actually spotted among all the gray clouds: the sun. So quickly dust off mirror glasses, flip flops and spring fever and prepare for summer. In keeping with this, we deliver the highlights in April with our musical review and hope to bring some momentum to your ears.

!!! (chk chkc hck) lead you prancing into this mix. Your hit? Even When The Water’s Cold? brings a relaxed atmosphere, that of the Nuremberg people WrongKong is dragged onto the dance floor in the following song. With? Life Around Here ?, the hopeful of pop aka “Wunderkind himself” James Blake shows what immense talent lies dormant in him. The beats, synths and the vocals are amazing. The two reggae songs by move in sunny climes Snoop Lion and Major Lazer. Tyler, The Creator, the bad boy of rap, shows up in? Treehome95? at the side of Erykah Badu from his relaxed side. Show how good German rap can be Prinz Pi and Cro in their? 100x ?. In addition, there are songs from Frank Turner, Phoenix and the Yeah yeah yeahs.

Our highlight song of the month comes from Captain Peng, the one with? Sockosophie? unleashed a 7-minute-long word-sentence-rhyme monster in which he philosophizes about the big bang, God and everything between being and not being and thereby convinced with the theory that we are all nothing more than a sock on one hand.

Enjoy listening!

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