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Spotify Playlist: Musical highlights in July

Spotify Playlist: Musical highlights in July

For all Spotify fans and those who would like to become one, we have put the best songs of July into a playlist. There are many hits and of course well-known acts like CRO, Avicii, Kings of Leon and gentleman. But of course there was a lot more. Enjoy listening!

The mix starts with the new hit from CRO, the one with? Whatever? not only advertises his hit album plus 5 new tracks, but also his new album? Sunny? given away, so free and free of charge for everyone: Just click here. The new single? Supersoaker? of the Kings of Leon follows immediately afterwards. The album will follow in September! The current smash hit from Avicii joins as the third song. Here a folk song meets fat electro beats. What reads strange makes every dance floor shake. The newcomers Abby show their mix of indie, pop and electro. ? Twist The Knife is the name of Popsternchen’s new single Leslie Clio and of course it shouldn’t be missing here. The songwriter comes from New Zealand Lorde, who weaves a melancholy web with synthesizers before gentleman with his new single? In My Arms? brings the sun back into that mix. AlunaGeorge not only have a strong song with them, but an entire album full of hits. Mayer Hawthorne brings the soul back before Lord Mouse with Caribbean sounds turns the last curmudgeon into an opportunist. Guaia guaiathat are currently being seen in German cinemas (trailer) sing about a new country in the best Peter Fox style. MC Rents must of course not be missing, who entered the charts at number 2 with his album #Geilon, # üelstweltraum and great respect for it. Finally two songs from England. On the one hand Hot chip with? Dark And Stormy? and the question of whether the song is still spherical or is already going crazy? I can’t make up my mind and say goodbye with the dreamlike? Butcher’s Hook? from Arthur Beatrice.

Our highlight this month comes from D.izzee Rascal who together with Robbie Williams not only wrote a cool song, but also delivers an absolute highlight video. ? Goin ‘Crazy? and off for it.

Enjoy listening!

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