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Spotify shows a new Android app as a preview

Spotify shows a new Android app as a preview

Spotify has only been available in Germany since mid-March and a serious innovation is already continuing. The Android client gets a completely new face. The app now uses the current Android holo style, offers high-quality streams at 320 KByte / s and also comes up with numerous other changes.

The new Spotify app is not yet officially available in the Play Store. So far, it can only be downloaded as an APK from the Spotify blog and has to be installed manually. As mentioned in the opening credits, it has been completely redesigned so that it now cuts a really good figure, especially under ICS.

However, many functions are still missing, there are no folders for favorites, scrobbling from tracks to Last FM is not yet possible, the app is only displayed in portrait format and a widget for the lockscreen is not yet available. Spotify has announced that many of the missing details are still being developed before the app will officially be available in the Play Store.

In our test, the mobile app could be used with the test account that was valid for 48 hours, but it did not play any music on the mobile phone. The player’s progress bar moved forward, but our Galaxy Nexus did not play any sound. Only when the trial period was extended to 30 days – the subscription must be canceled before the period expired – did Spotify play music audibly.