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Square Enix Releases Video of a Canceled Tomb Raider Survivor Horror


Square Enix Releases Video of a Canceled Tomb Raider Survivor Horror

The reboot of tomb Raider released in 2013 was a huge milestone for the franchise’s history, revitalizing it and generating the trilogy we know today, focused on survival and showing a Lara Croft more fragile, but capable of facing different enemies in intense combat. And did you know that before this game there was almost a tomb Raider version Survival Horror?

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of tomb Raidera Square Enix released three videos of a canceled project in the series, which would be called Tomb Raider: Ascensionwhich was being produced by Crystal Dynamics as a test for a new game, which ended up being discarded, but had several ideas reused in the 2013 reboot.

THE Crystal Dynamics created a test demo, already having in mind the concept of an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. Lara to face various monsters in what appeared to be a pseudo open world, in which she would explore tombs and could explore outdoor areas on horseback.

Below you can check out a gameplay video of this discarded project, showing the grotesque monsters that Lara would face:

It is already possible to see several things that were taken to the final game, such as the bow and arrow, the pickaxe, exploring flooded tombs and etc. The other two videos are focused on the project arts. One of them shows several concept arts, while the other presents several arts for the cover of the game, also counting on a voice test for Lara.

Even though it’s a canceled project and completely different from the 2013 reboot, it’s still very interesting to see these videos. Mainly when seeing the evolution of an idea more in the field of horror and survival go to a more “realistic” adventure and with a great focus on survival, but without leaving the “mystical” tradition of the series.

But tell me, would you play one tomb Raider from survival horror like ascension? At the very least, it would be very different from what the series has already shown, but probably familiar to several other games in this same style.