GSC Game World has published a new trailer for the long-awaited shooter STALKER 2. Will we know the release date soon?

  • STALKER 2 is in fact the fourth installment of the FPS series of games launched in 2007.
  • The last part of STALKER: The Call of Pripyat was released in 2009.
  • STALKER 2 was announced in 2018 and its premiere is scheduled for next year
  • The first trailer for the game was released in July.
  • The game will be released on PC and Xbox Series consoles.

It seems that the promotion process of the second installment of the iconic post-apocalyptic FPS is proceeding as planned. The creators announced the game in 2018 and then announced that it will debut in three years. Less than a year later, we received a music theme and graphics, and this summer we were able to watch the first trailer.

Today’s material is not too long, but very atmospheric. The creators promise that this is exactly what the finished game will look like: with a quick change of scenery, ominous landscapes and a constant sense of impending danger, which will be magnified by a subtle soundtrack.

Today’s material may be the beginning of a more aggressive campaign and the Internet will soon be flooded with information on the new edition of the STALKER series. The game is to debut next year on PC and Xbox Series consoles. Yes, you read it right, the title will omit the previous generation consoles and PlayStation 5.


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