There are times when rogue nostalgia takes us and does not leave us until we can get what we want, this is the case of one of the video games that was the protagonist of my childhood: Starcraft.

The latter is one of the milestones of a genre that is now destined to become less and less played, also due to the customs clearance of the MOBA genre, a branch of the strategists.

Starcraft Remastered comes out 19 years later, keeping the mechanics unchanged, only enhancing the overall visual appearance of the 1998 original. Will Blizzard be able to give new polish to this timeless masterpiece?

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War in the Koprulu sector

2499: We are in the Koprulu sector, far from Earth, the Terrans – descendants of the humans of the solar system – live fighting a civil war, sided between the Earth Confederation and the rebels of Arturus Mengsk, the latter decided to overturn the current government.

The appearance of two alien races, the Protoss, a hyper technological race. and the Zerg, an insect race, however, they upset the present and the future of the entire sector. A large-scale war between the factions in the game soon begins and is soon destined to evolve into something darker and more fearful.

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The Remastered version contains both Starcraft and its incredible and far more famous expansion Brood War. Both contain the episodes of Terran, Protoss and Zerg, composing 6 playable campaigns, each following the other, for a total of more than 60 missions, guaranteeing excellent longevity.

The story is told both through movies, unfortunately not redone, but brought only in full HD, both with the briefings present before each mission, through discussions between the protagonists of the story.

The story of Starcraft is an incredible science fiction work which still manages to be exciting, original and impressive in its narration, anything but obvious and unpredictable in its twists. Even today it is difficult to recount it in a summary or simplistic way, thanks also to the incredible characters that compose it, charismatic and different from each other.

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Gameplay 1998

The strongest point of the title, the one that led him to be the exponent of the eSport sector, has remained completely unchanged since 1998. A thing certainly wanted by the fans, but that, mouse and keyboard in hand, is functional, intuitive and partly satisfying, but tremendously frustrating if you go from the second chapter to this remastered, obviously not his fault, but for the time now lived that the game has on its shoulders.

Its basic mechanics: collecting minerals, creating the army and developing upgrades have therefore remained those of many years ago, with its perfect balance between the races in play and its many units to produce, referring to different tactics.

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In this remastered there is even the multiplayer sector with lots of matchmaking, even if in this case only the 1vs1 mode is available, but it is still possible to create private matches and also compete in team vs team clashes. The entire edition has full Blizzard App (formerly Battle Net) support. Currently the sector has some stability problems, which we hope will be resolved soon.

A nice update

The graphic and audio sector are the most important parts of this version. The visual aspect has been completely revised, not only ensuring resolution up to 4K, but adding filters, updated textures, better animations and even new live tiles for the units.

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A painstaking work that gives luster to a masterpiece, making it shine in a new light, even the menus, mission briefings and narrative stories have been carefully redone, guaranteeing a certain fidelity to the past.

It is also possible to make a comparison between the old and the new version, via the video settings, it is possible to switch from high definition to original graphics, we can guarantee that the effect and the differences are truly visible and admirable.

Too bad for the movies, brought only in full HD and only in English, without adequate restoration work, which could make the most demanding fans turn up their noses. Overall it still remains an exceptional job from Blizzard.

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The audio sector has also undergone a refresh, enhancing the audio tracks of the beautiful soundtrack and the overall effects of the title. To our surprise, all the dialogues were redone from scratch, keeping the sentences unchanged, but with different voice actors. This left us dumbfounded, even considering that the old title was dubbed really well, but it’s still nice to see such a makeover, even in Italian.


Starcraft still remains an exceptional title today, both for its narration and for its gameplay still working today, even if it could be outdated for many users now accustomed to many other modern RTSs.

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Coming straight to the point, one immediately realizes that this is a perfectly successful and well done nostalgia operation, you immediately notice the love that Blizzard has put into the project, through a completely revised visual aspect, but without distorting the original. We are sure that fans will not be disappointed, especially for the excellent price of 14.99 euros at which it is sold.

Too bad only for some current multiplayer stability problems which we hope will be resolved as soon as possible. We also would have liked to have seen some remade videos, but we are satisfied anyway.

We only hope that this operation is successful and stimulates Blizzard to remaster also Warcraft III and Diablo II, two titles of which a possible update would be more justified, especially for Diablo, given that the majority of fans are clamoring for it and are not satisfied at the 100% of the following.


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