Starcraft Remastered is expected on August 14, 2017 exclusively on Windows PC and Mac at a cost of 14.99 euros. The game was in great demand, not only because it was the symbol of RTS along with Command & Conquer, Warcraft and Age of Empires, but also because it was the first title to powerfully enter the eSports sector.

This remaster adds several new features compared to the 1998 game, first of all the title supports a resolution in Widescreen up to 4K and textures in very high definition, the animations, the films and the soundtrack have also been remastered.

Multiplayer is also present (likely to destroy the starcraft 2 community), complete with matchmaking, leaderboards and a custom profile. The game also has all 6 campaigns (3 from the base and 3 from the Brood War expansion), fencing mode and map editor.

  No LAN option in StarCraft II

You can also revert to the original title artwork with an option dedicated to it, so as to evaluate the work done by the developers of the title. We can’t wait to get our hands on it, even if we are quite convinced that the game could really destroy the Starcraft 2 community, we await Blizzcon to check for any remastered Diablo 2 and Warcraft III.


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