Some people have reacted to the lack of football games on the PlayStation 3 this year. The console will appear just in the month that the FIFA and PES series seem to be behind us again, but will be released on the Xbox 360. It is therefore no surprise that this could have some consequences for the sales figures of the PlayStation 3. Don McCabe, MD of the retail franchise Chips Corporation had the following to say about it: “Microsoft is really pulling out the big guns, but it won’t change sale predictions for the PS3 due to the hearts and minds that Sony had already won over.”

Microsoft is taking Sony hard on this, but it will not have too many consequences, according to him. Lee Botham, games buyer for HMV, is also confident that PS3 sales will be smooth if supply remains high: PlayStation 3 should still easily sell-through on the back of anticipated demand, which remains substantial, andon the general strength and appeal of its brand.”

Finally, Steve O’Brien, a respected, independent salesperson in an Action Replay Gameshop, also spoke. He mainly starts from the brand name, which in itself already knows how to sell well, without the product having to be too good. His conclusion is therefore: “PS3 could sell all it’s entire allocation – whatever that might be – three times over without a single killer game over the next twelve months,”


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