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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – The duelists: tonight at 22:55 on Rai 3

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – The duelists: tonight at 22:55 on Rai 3

With this article we just want to point out an episode of a well-known television broadcast that you certainly don’t want to miss and which will concern Steve Jobs and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates

Tonight, on Rai 3 at 10:55 pm, don’t miss the appointment with Correva anno; the title of the episode is very interesting and will certainly arouse our curiosity and lead us to look at it with deep interest: “Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – The duelists”

Here is what is written on the website of the well-known Rai Tre broadcast:

Two years after Steve Jobs’s death (October 5, 2011) CORREVA L’ANNO offers a biographical episode on the two symbolic characters of that computer revolution that characterized the passage between the old and the new century.

Steve Jobs and his ‘rival’ Bill Gates, in the mid-seventies, they ushered in the computer age continuing, in the following decades, to challenge each other in a duel of moves and surprise inventions.

West Coast Sons, were born the same year, 1955, at a time when the forerunners of modern PCs are huge computers in the service of the cold war. They listlessly attend Californian colleges, but both have a real fixation on electronics, math, printed circuit boards. Zealous, ambitious and full of insights, they begin to develop experiences that will lead them to develop different professionalisms and personalities. Logarithms and software are Bill Gates’ passion, while Steve Jobs is definitely more involved in the development of what will be called hardware, that is, the physical part of the equipment.

Joined by undisputed entrepreneurial skills, each has his own character, each his own style: more extroverted and apparently more rampant Bill Gates; less sunny, but more charismatic and with a mystical streak that will accompany him throughout his life, Steve Jobs.

They built huge fortunes in just a few years, they have known success, but also defeats and reversals of fate.

Mythical figures that cross the last part of the twentieth century, drawing an entrepreneurial and human parable that has left an indelible mark.

In conclusion, as usual an editorial by Paolo Mieli