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Still NEW Apple accessories


Still NEW Apple accessories

Welcome back to my personal column dedicated to weekly Unboxing. Here’s what I got today, that is 10 December 2019.

This column that I propose to you almost weekly, summarizes everything that comes to me from partner companies, which I obviously review or sponsor, but not only: I will also deal with products that I myself purchase monthly for my personal use, such as iPhone covers, accessories. various for iPad, Mac and much more.

Recommend you the best products on the market to buy is a DUTY for me, since for many I am a reference point for purchases, and I really feel compelled to advise you on what I consider excellent or discounted. Making you participate in what I prefer is a PLEASURE for me.

I leave you to the complete unboxing video! Good vision!

If you are interested in knowing what other products I have purchased, and have been sent to me, you can do so via this link.