No Code’s weird adventure game will appear on the console within days.

It’s been almost three years since the indie No Code studio’s slightly weird adventure game, PC Stories Untold. It’s a four-part horror story in which players had to deal with all sorts of fictional old computers. Although the individual episodes were not tied at first glance, by the end of the story, it turned out that we had actually only seen tiny pieces of a single big story.

With the simple implementation of Stories Untold and the unadulterated atmosphere of the ’80s, he quickly found his own fan base, giving him an 87% liking index on Steam (based on plenty of 2,000 votes). Within days, however, more players can learn about the creepy events of The House Abandon, The Lab Conduct, The Station Process and The Last Session. A version of the Stories Untold Nintendo Switch is coming.

The developers have thoroughly redesigned the controls of the game to take advantage of the Switch’s unique capabilities, making the gaming experience even more interesting. The new release will arrive on January 16th, and we also received a new preview on this occasion.


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