Nintendo has had some success with the release of New Super Mario for the Dual Screen. The game hit like a bomb, so it’s not surprising that Nintendo is also thinking of a sequel. They therefore ask the American visitors what they would think of a successor to the game. New Super Mario has been on sale since last Friday, the review is now also available on Evilgamerz find:

Ready for the real Mario adventure? Then you’re not done with the game! There are also a lot of mini games with which you can have fun on your own or with two people. Yes, you read that right: Most minigames can be played together! The game contains minigames from Mario 64 DS, but there are also a number of new minigames in between. This will keep you off the streets for a while! (Unless you play it outside of course)

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The Holy Grail is here for the Nintendo DS. All gamers must gather to conquer this game together in the buildings with stuff they call shops. Dressed in dungarees with a red cap with a large M. This m currently stands not only for Mario, but also for Meesterlijk. New Super Mario Bros is a masterful game that will give you weeks of fun. I haven’t been able to spot any negatives in the entire game, so Nintendo even gave the game a great title. This game is new, super and with Mario Bros. They can be proud of themselves. And you too, if you run to the store now to buy the game. And now I’ve written enough, because I want to play the game again. goodbye!

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