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Summon demons, ‘DOOM VFR’ for PSVR is here

Summon demons, ‘DOOM VFR’ for PSVR is here

We are launching December and we are doing it in a big way, because one of the most outstanding games of the month could not wait a single day and we already have it in stores DOOM VFRthe first-person shooter from idSoftware.

One of the pioneers in the genre received this review that will take us to the UAC facility on Mars and into the depths of ****. DOOM VFR is a new gaming experience within the DOOM universeset shortly after the demonic invasion of the facility and, thanks to the virtual reality headset, a most immersive experience.

Players will take on the role of the sole human survivor whose consciousness, following a top-secret UAC contingency protocol, has been transferred into an artificial brain matrix. They will have to restore the operational stability of the facility and use any means necessary to stop the onslaught of demons.

The game is available now for PlayStation VR, exclusively on PS4 consoles, and also for HTC Vive on PC. We leave you with its launch trailer: