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Super Mario becomes “smart”

Super Mario becomes “smart”

Super Mario he would finally acquire the power to act autonomously. In fact, some German researchers would have created an Artificial Intelligence version of the famous video game character.

Using the tools offered by the speech recognition developed by Carnegie Mellon University, the team, which operated at the University of Tubingen, gave a new voice to Super Mario, also giving it a German accent.

In particular, the Italian plumber can respond to audio commands and can experience emotions. Furthermore, he has the possibility to act independently on the basis of his personal feelings.
If the player asks Super Mario “How are you?”, He could answer either “I’m very well” or “I don’t feel happy as usual”.

The program related to Super Mario is called Mario Lives! and will allow, as the developers themselves indicate, to make real live conversations with the character.

In addition, the character will also have the awareness of the surrounding environment and the interaction with the other characters in the video game. Similarly, based on his feelings, Super Mario will also be able to perform particular actions. For example, when he feels hungry he can take care of himself to acquire the coins necessary to have more energy or he can research the special items that can give him a boost of vitality.