Bad news for anyone who currently owns a Dual Screen. New Super Mario Bros, which will be released this summer, will only be (well) playable on the Nintendo Dual Screen Lite handheld. Nintendo has confirmed this in a recently released statement saying that the DS screen would simply be far too dark to make the game playable. In addition, there are also some opinions from analysts who claim that Nintendo is using the game as a lure for America. Many people would like to purchase the new handheld (possibly next to the current DS) to still be able to enjoy the game. It is of course not said whether this last advantage was consciously used by Nintendo.

  New Dual Screen Lite images

“Players won’t be able to see. On the original DS, I mean. The screens on the old system are simply much too dark, making the new Mushroom Kingdom almost impossible to navigate. We always planned to make New Super Mario Bros. a premier title for the Lite and its superior screens, and what better way to make it exclusive to that system?”


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