The action game Super Mario Galaxy will run at a generous number of frames per second. On the Nintendo World 2006, the game was run at a frame rate of no less than 60 fps. The release of the game will take place in 2007. Unfortunately, no more information has been given so far.

Throughout the game you will control Mario with the Wii-mote and its Nunchuck. The sensor bar in front of your television registers all kinds of movements, ranging from a rotating whip to a tap up, with which you can make the well-known jumps. Most people who have ever encountered the game during press events have had a bit of trouble with the controls. It was said that after a while people got used to it a bit more. This also happened with the DS. Due to the total innovation, at least with the better games, it took a while before the whole thing felt intuitive.

‘Super Mario: Galaxy’ has to be one of the best announced Wii games. Unlike a lot of other games that are put under the jargon ‘polished Gamecube games’, I think this game contains real next-gen graphics. Mario and Co consist of a multitude of polygons in this part and that is clearly visible. Get rid of those square circles, this time everything looks as it should. The environments, which usually take place in a dark setting – because of the universe in which the game takes place – still manage to display a colorful setting.


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