On the website of Wii.IGN Today we find a remarkable message about the game Super Paper Mario. The game is said to be in development for the Nintendo Wii. As a result, this has resulted in the cancellation of the GameCube version that would be in the pipeline.

Hey Matt. It doesn’t seem like Super Paper Mario for the GCN is coming out on October 9th (given that it hasn’t been released in Japan yet, and everyone but Nintendo has the game listed as Q4 ’06 or Q1 ’07). I know you vaguely hinted at games for another console being moved onto Wii instead. So is there any chance Nintendo is going to move Super Paper Mario onto Wii? Or was that just a one-time deal with Zelda?

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Matt responds: Hmm. How should I write this? Have to be vague, you know? Let me just say that yes, Paper Mario will be headed to Wii and not GameCube. Now read between the lines, damn you! wait. That was a terrible hint! All right, that’s it for today. Time to beat Bozon.


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