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Super Scribblenauts

Maxwell is back and this time he learned what adjectives are. In the previous part ‘Scribblenauts’ the aim was to solve puzzles. The player’s imagination played a big role in solving these puzzles. Almost anything was possible. The intent was to earn a starite every time. If this starite was in a tree, the player wrote, for example, ladder in Maxwell’s notebook. This can of course be more creative such as: flamethrower, woodcutter, jetpack, beaver, etc. A big problem, however, was that Maxwell was almost uncontrollable. To take Maxwell from point A to B, the screen had to be pressed where Maxwell would have to walk next. Along the way, he rammed into everything in his path and didn’t jump well over pitfalls. Would the 5TH Cell team have learned from this?

Flying howling whale

The first thing you notice after a few minutes have been made in the game is the option to control Maxwell with the D-pad. This should have been in the previous installment right away so the developers certainly learned from their mistakes. A few minutes later you find out that between part 1 and part 2 Maxwell went to school and learned what adjectives are. Ever wanted to see a tame, gray, flying, immortal, fire-breathing penguin? It is now possible. I doubt if this could ever be useful in puzzles, but it’s just cool that it can. Putting out a fire? Why call the boring fire brigade? While you can also use a giant, flying, howling whale. The motto ‘your fantasy is the limit’ really comes to the fore now.

The puzzles are probably as strange as the examples I just gave. From forming an army of different units to replenishing a supermarket. There are 120 puzzles that can be replayed to earn more ollars. No, I’m not forgetting a letter. Ollars can be used to buy hints and unlock playable avatars. The puzzles are divided into thinking levels and action levels. In the puzzle levels you have to make up objects to get the starite. In the action levels, the player has to get from point A to point B with many obstacles along the way. If a level is played again, the gamer is challenged to pass the level 3 times without using the same items. This requires a lot of imagination and challenges the player to come up with increasingly strange objects.

Merits are occasionally earned during gameplay. Merits can best be described as the Trophies and Achievements of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The player is challenged to do certain actions such as, make so many colorful objects, make so many vehicles, get so many levels etc. This earns even more ollars which makes the game a bit easier because hints can be bought again.

I want an egg!

Is English too difficult to express creativity? Then there is also the option for those players to change the language to Dutch. If you want to practice in German, French, Italian or Spanish, these options are also included. Unfortunately, the translation is not entirely successful. To get an egg in Dutch, the animal must also be described. Where in English you get a chicken egg with ‘egg’. In Dutch you get a giant dino egg with egg. Many adjectives are also not recognized by the system. The option to change the language to Dutch is therefore intended for young children who would like to express their imagination.

As if there isn’t enough creative freedom, it is also possible to create your own levels. Through a simple programming language it is possible to make the starite appear when certain actions are made. To add objects they just need to be written. The maker then chooses what to do with the object. If the player has created a ghost and it needs to be frightened, then the player chooses object A (ghost) that it should be frightened and then makes object B visible. The creations can be shared via local wireless or over the internet with the infamous friend code system.

Scribblenauts 1.1

All in all, Super Scribblenauts has improved a lot. What caused a lot of annoyance in the previous part, is solved perfectly here. One of those annoyances I’ve already dealt with is walking. Another problem was that some items were too small. This is now easily solved with the words ‘giant’ or ‘tall’. These are all useful and fun extras to increase the fun, but in terms of graphics, gameplay and even sound, nothing has changed. It’s more of the same just works better. These small changes also seem to make the game easier. Where Maxwell was first challenged to get over a ravine because that bridge was just not long enough, it is now made easier by simply making it bigger.

Super Scribblenauts is nothing more than a very extensive update. If part 1 has passed you by or it just didn’t play well. Then the creative minds can get to work. Another tip for the less creative among us, call out ‘Evil Maxwell’ and see what he spawns. Super Scribblenauts is as much fun as the vocabulary is big.

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Author: Stefan Roest | Genre: puzzle platform | Release: 28-10-2010 | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Developer: 5TH CellGraphics: 7.5 † Sound: 7.5 † Gameplay: 8.5 † Controls: 8.5 † Playback: 9.0 8.3+ Unleash creativity+ Better controls+ Adjectives- More of the same- Slightly easier-