The car MOBA will soon leave its early version, from now on it will be available for free.

If it’s a car action-esport game, it’s Rocket League, and if it’s MOBA and esport, it’s League of Legends. But last summer, an early access game arrived on Steam, which in many respects resembles creations that are very popular in esport circles. This Switchblade, which is made in the studio of Lucid Games and will be completely free after its release.

Switchblade is essentially an MOBA in which you can battle armed cars with other players. In clashes, we can fight five to five, and team members can choose from seventeen vehicles and four classes. The developers will continue to expand the game even after the premiere, so you can expect new cars, new tracks, new game modes, new cosmetics and more.

The full release of Switchblade for PC and PlayStation 4 will be released on January 22nd.


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