A XVII. Dueling was commonplace in 19th century Europe. We can also taste these.

According to the developers of the Polish studio Kubold, the XVII. It was not at all uncommon in the everyday life of 19th-century Europe for the parties to settle a disagreement by drawing a sword and cutting off each other. Even so, it’s not a very much made game so far, but really just so far. This is because the studio deals with this topic a Hellish Quart in his work, the early version of which will be brought by Santa Claus.

The Hellish Quart is promised by the developers to be a completely real dueling game in which we can thump each other with contemporary weapons. Whether a saber, dagger, pallos, or other sword is at your fingertips, each will have a different physics. This means that all hits entered are recorded in real time and according to reality. During the battles, four basic attacks will be possible, and these can be combined, varied, or combined at will.

Of course, we also get local and online multiplayer options, but also a one-person campaign – the latter will be included in the game only later. The early version will arrive on Steam on December 7th. What the game will look like, the preview above gives some previews.


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