FIFA seems to have already won the battle in the football genre, but Konami is not giving up. Coming soon with Pro Evolution Soccer 5, the infernal battle for the coveted first place can begin…

An interview was held with PES producer Shingo Seabass Takatsku, he was asked the necessary questions, we have picked out the most important answers for you:

Pro Evolution Soccer will get a whole new Artificial Intelligence that is more advanced than that in previous parts. The behavior has been worked out down to the last detail and players now have to react even more realistically.

Graphically, a few things have also changed, where they had to lose out last year, in that respect, this year it will be a graphic beauty, especially on the Xbox, according to the spokesman.

In terms of gameplay, a few things have also changed, for example, the largest gap between attack and defense has been reduced a lot, making a simple transition more difficult. Takatsuka especially emphasizes the new AI that I think has come out beautifully, players are more realistic than ever.

The entire interview can here being read.


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