Time-manipulating psycho-horror arrives in the middle of the month.

Sony’s Spanish studio will soon release a new game from BlackChiliGoat Studio, Tape. It’s an inside-view psycho-horror adventure game in which we’ll be able to manipulate time.

The story set in Spain in the early ’90s is about a young girl, Ireland, who somehow lost her memory. So he has no idea how the father of the renowned horror film director lost track. To shed light on the mystery, you must dive into your own memory. This takes the form of twisted locations that are also seriously affected by his father’s work.

The gameplay builds on time manipulation, with a Super8 camera to help us. This allows Iria to spin time forward or backward for certain objects, thus solving the puzzles that line our path. In the latest preview of the game, we can see plenty of examples of this, the surreal world and the horrors lurking around us.

The Tape is set to hit PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and is expected to release on April 14th.


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