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Tekken 7 and Horizon Zero Dawn playable at Firstlook Festival!

Tekken 7 and Horizon Zero Dawn playable at Firstlook Festival!

You still have a little under two weeks to get through until you can finally run into the Jaarbeurs Utrecht for Firstlook Festival 2016! The biggest game and pop-culture event in the Benelux will take place on 7, 8 and 9 October and you can see that in the announcements!

To get straight to the point: TEKKEN 7 will be playable for the first time in the Netherlands at Firstlook Festival 2016! Visitors to the ASUS booth will get an exclusive preview of TEKKEN 7, which will not be officially released until Spring 2017. TEKKEN is one of the longest running fighting game series in the world and has sold more than 45 million games worldwide.

Sony PlayStation is also going big at Firstlook Festival 2016. Earlier we announced that Gran Turismo Sport will be playable at the event, but Sony is adding a very big Dutch title to it: Horizon Zero Dawn! Yes, one of the PlayStation toppers of 2017 can be played on October 8 and 9 in the Jaarbeurs during Firstlook Festival!

But Xbox is also flying into the Jaarbeurs with a straight leg! Gears of War 4 is playable at Firstlook Festival, which will be released shortly after Firstlook for Xbox One and Windows 10.

If you already have VIP tickets or managed to get hold of one of the last VIP tickets, Xbox has something cool in store for you: Dead Rising 4 is only playable for VIP cardholders at Firstlook Festival 2016 via the VIP App !

Besides gaming, there is of course much more to do at Firstlook Festival 2016. Never before have we had such a diverse mix of entertainment. For example, the Comic Artist Avenue is full of the best artists from home and abroad and we announced last week that a real Drone Racing Zone is coming to Firstlook Festival!

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