Do you know him mario?

Calm! It’s not a joke, it’s a sincere question: Do you really know him?

The most famous mustachioed in games not only has hundreds of games, but also has 40 years of history. They are guest appearances, their own games and many sports that accompany one of the most important characters in the history of video games.

So, here we go, once again, to check out ten things you might already know, or not yet, about the mario. Come remember this iconic character with us! Enjoy and check out our article by listening to our special playlist about mario at the Spotify, with classic songs from our friend in the red hat games.

1 – Mario was named after the owner of the shed which Nintendo used to keep its arcades, Mario Segale, In the USA. After being successful in Donkey Kong, in which he was presented as jumpman, the newly created Nintendo of America decided that the mustache needed a name. miyamoto was inspired by the entrepreneur, giving his creation the name of mario.

2 – Don Juan. Before saving the Princess Peach, Mario’s heart belonged to another woman, the Pauline, kidnapped by Donkey Kong in their first appearance, in 1981;

3 – Mario’s Workbook is full. Working man, mario he wasn’t just a plumber. Over the years, the short man had several jobs. In the beginning, in Donkey Kong, was a carpenter. But he was also a plumber, wrecker, boxing judge, race driver, soccer, golf and tennis player, Olympic athlete and even a doctor, in Dr. Mario; And there, Mr Madruga, will you let this one go?

4 – The mustache. Mario doesn’t have a mustache just for the sake of aesthetics, or in order to get “caughty”. When created, the graphic resources were very limited, making it difficult to draw the mouth. So, to make it easier, our little one got a huge mustache, his trademark;

5 – Puppy Fia by P the steel ball Chain Chomp, who made his first appearance in Super Mario Bros 3, was inspired by the dog of one of the neighbors of Miyamoto, which almost bit him, if not for the current;

4 – It’s me, Mario! Since 1992, Mario’s voice has been provided by Charles Martinet. The voice actor, who was born in the US but is of French descent, also voices the Luigi and the antagonist Wario. Martinet started dubbing the character at events like the ESC, to promote Super Mario World, chatting with visitors. But it was in Super Mario 64, in 1995, that his voice was incorporated into games;

5 – It’s a Record, Mario! With over 555 million copies sold across the planet, the series Super Mario holds the record for the best-selling video game franchise of all time, and is in the Guinness. In market value, it is only behind Pokemon;

6 – Mario on Billboard. Mariah Carey?! Michael Jackson?! None of that! Thanks to the composer of Nintendo, koji kondo, who created the soundtrack for the games Super Mario, the mustachioed figured among the best of the famous musical chart. The main theme, Ground Theme, was among the most played for an incredible 125 weeks;

7 – From the small screens to the big screen. After putting his life at risk and going through several difficult stages, the short man won the right to star in a movie. Super Mario Bros. was released in 1993, and featured Bob Hoskins, winner of the Golden Globes in Mona Lisa, in the role of mario and John Leguizamo, like your brother, Luigi. The movie was a disaster and is generally on the list of worst movies of all time;

8 – The good-natured villain. In Super Mario RPG, released for SNES, the famous antagonist Bowser becomes an ally of marioin order to defeat Smithy and his gang, who took over his castle. But let’s not forget that, in Donkey Kong Jr., it was the mario the “villain” of the game;

9 – Mario has already made his escapes. Despite being a video game icon Nintendo, O mario has already made appearances on other consoles, such as Atari 2600 it’s the SQUARE. We separate the games from the “escapes from the mario” in a special article.

10 – The most expensive tape in the world. Recently, a sealed cartridge of Super Mario Bros. was sold for over R$3 million. In addition to being sealed, the cartridge also does not have the trademark symbol of the NES, which reminds you of a very early version of the cartridge, extremely rare.

And “that’s it for today, folks”. Don’t miss the next trivia text. But while you wait, check out our other trivia, about Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong and Final Fight. In addition to enjoying our RetroBestyGames, space dedicated to the history of video games.


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