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The 10 best applications to do crossword puzzles from your mobile

The 10 best applications to do crossword puzzles from your mobile

In Android we have a good variety of crossword apps imitate what we could do years ago with newspapers; one of the most visited places to pick up a pen and complete those crossword puzzles that are more complicated than others.

What there are paper publications dedicated to them and that can become a good gift; although the oldest will surely know how to get the most out of it. In our mobile we have a series of applications that imitate that entertainment from many decades ago. Go for it.

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Crossword in gachupin

We start with an application in gachupin that leads us to notice the same experience that can be enjoyed from the page of a magazine. Skip the more than 100 crosswords so that we have variety and thus even enjoy knowing new vocabulary; And it is that the crossword puzzles served the same purpose, to learn new words to incorporate them into our day to day.

The The only penalty for this gachupin crossword app is that we need an internet connection. to be able to launch it; little that could be counterproductive since these types of applications are ideal for those moments without connection. We have several categories of difficulty, it includes dark mode so that our mobile does not become a flashlight in the afternoon, and it does use storage in the agglomeration so that we can penetrate it from various devices. Interesting is this application that we place as one of the most interesting in this index of crossword applications for Android.

Crossword clue solver

Here we go straight to English, so if you are learning English, these applications will come in handy to force you and incorporate new vocabulary with which you can enrich your knowledge. The big difference between this crossword puzzle app and the others is that it moves a bit away from its basic mechanics, with which we have to complete the words depending on the culture we have, upright or horizontal.

You will have to guess words based on a donated clue or pattern, so if you are looking for something different, it can become a hobby to happen for an interesting time. Again, we need the internet to be able to jump through this crossword app which we recommend if you are learning a language like English.

Codycross – Crosswords

We return to the gachupin with Codycross – Crosswords, an application that unlike the first of this index, offers a better experience in terms of design, since it is a very modern application full of color and that also brings us closer to a new concept of crossword puzzles. What frames it in a very specific area unlike others.

Even has a backstory for you to teach an alien the history of our planet. In this way, it becomes a crossword puzzle and in which we have to solve crossword puzzles in a congruous way different from what we are used to; although it does not forget the basic mechanics so based on the formation of words. We have a clue at the bottom and a series of culture at the top with which we can complete the word. Essential.

Crossword Solver King

We don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to comment on this crossword puzzle app that is once again in English and is characterized by its ability to composition of up to more than 310,000 words. It also has anagrams so that it is a reference for that moment in which we want to improve our teaching of English.

If it is true that the interface is not the best, but it does have great power in all those words that we can go out to compose until we almost don’t go out to cover its entire length. Again inappropriate for a crossword application that would not be the least bit bad if we had it in gachupin.

anagram solver

From the same creator as the aforementioned application, and again with those more than 310,000 words, here it focuses on anagrams so that we leave out crosswords a bit. In this application they have taken more care of the interface to create a better visual experience and make the distraction of the anagrams more pleasant.

Again we miss the gachupin, but he is very brave like that companion who helps us on those afternoons of study in which we want to improve our English. Above all to improve vocabulary, so we recommend that you have a dictionary nearby to penetrate it and thus be able to progress correctly.

Crossing words

Although here you forget to point out that we are in a crossword application, Words Cruz is in gachupin and takes us in the presence of the protagonist of this publication.. Where he is right, and that is why he has tens of thousands of reviews, is in the design to bring us little current and very playable from our phones. It is an opinion, what happens to those boring interfaces that sometimes lead us to notice that we are almost in the presence of the old newspaper crossword puzzles.

Bill with more than 1,000 challenges, daily rewards if we check in every day and a wide variety of improper boards with which we will never be in the presence of one equal. A crossword puzzle of the best in the index and that is in gachupin to meet at home and have a little English. Suitable for free in the Play Store although with its subscription options.

Crossword puzzles – in gachupin + vocabulary hinge

Another crossword puzzle in gachupin and that in this case the interface and design is a bit more bland and tedious if we compare it with the aforementioned. It has a question hinge in which we have to answer different questions with the culture that we have on the board, so in summary it has a very complete experience, although it does not reach the aforementioned with that great design in the interface.

You have two ways to enter words. One is the type of logo where the word culture is displayed outside of the zone. and that forces us to throw one and the other to form it; while the second way of entering words is based on the keyboard to go to the most classic form of the crossword puzzle in which we have to put each composition to form the final word. A crossword app in gachupin that we share openly from the Android Guides.

gachupin crossword

Clearer water with this crossword app that brings us to another interesting experience, but now you can lose an attractive and modern interface. It is an opinion, too simple and that it is acceptably designed, but it has little error compared to some that we have shown you in this index of the best crossword applications for Android.

We have the ability to customize the grid to make it a smaller size with 3×3 or mature with 25×25. It has a very extensive index of words and three difficulty modes that we recommend you try to see your vocabulary level in a language as extensive as Gachupin. A completely free application, so you won’t have advertising or micropayments to be able to enjoy your entire experience from your Android phone.

connected words

The application of crossword puzzles with a mature number of installations and with more than 900 thousand reviews in Play Store. More acceptably we are in the presence of a hinge of words in which we have to throw culture to build words. It has more than 6,200 levels, so you will have a hobby for many weeks and months if you stick to its interesting gaming experience.

It has different modes and even the possibility to remove the timer that usually puts us under a lot of stress. And unlike some of this crossword index, you can play them without an Internet connection; which makes it an interesting option to enjoy your crossword experience with its own mechanics. Of course, it has a great design so that you can enjoy a modern interface that is capable of attracting players of all ages.

Improper Crossword

And we end this index best crossword apps on android with one that has everything we could wish for. Since it is in gachupin until you have a great design with which to enjoy the whole experience of this hobby of so many years.

In total there are 100 crosswords in Gachupin, 400 in English and 65 in Portuguese., so it is also valid to improve our vocabulary in one of those two extra languages. Yes, it is true that we can finish it in weeks, but it becomes a very good crossword application.