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the 3 keys that we already know and that make them very attractive

the 3 keys that we already know and that make them very attractive

All Android manufacturers that have viso reincorporation devices in their catalogs have as their main competitor Apple. The Cupertino company has several of the most sought-after and valued mobile phones on the market, which have some technologies from several years ago and few important novelties. In 2021, Apple could take a big step with the iPhone 13 and all its versions. Today we tell you the 3 iPhone 13 keys that we already know and that could make them even more interesting for users.

The new iPhone 13 will debut with screens and technology

All the rumors point to Apple getting new panels for its iPhone 13. These will be supplied, to a large extent, by Samsung. It is extended that iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have screens LTPO AMOLED 120Hzso the viewing quality and experience are more than confirmed.

These panels have a great capacity for efficiency and one of the highest qualities on the market. Of course, everything points to the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 We will have to settle for Mini OLED screens, we do not know if with 60, 90 or 120Hz modernization frequency.

From our vantage point Apple should include 120 Hz in all models, since it is a consistent standardized feature that includes devices up to 200 euros / dollars. If Apple decides to spread the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it will seem that it wants to laugh at users.

Larger batteries for all models

Despite having AMOLED LTPO panels, the consumption of 120 Hz will be higher than the current 60 Hz of the iPhone 12 screens. The extreme rumor tells us that Apple will increase the mAh capacity of the capacitor cells on all models. These are the figures that have been leaked:

All models will greatly increase the capacity of the condenser, although this will probably will not be summed up in a significant increase in autonomy. The new panels with high modernization frequencies will consume more energy, so everything could remain the same when it comes to autonomy.

The iPhone 13 could be presented again in September

Last year the pandemic affected the presentation of the iPhone 12. This was due some time later, specifically in mid-October. The presentation of the iPhone has always had a reason in September, a data that in 2021 could return.

This rumor is born thanks to Samsung, LG and BOE, suppliers of Apple screens. These companies have started the production of the new AMOLED panels a month earlier than last year, which allows us to know that Apple could present in September.

These are the 3 iPhone 13 keys what we know right now. They are well established leaks, although we recommend that you take the information with a grain of salt for possible last minute changes.

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