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The 7 best applications to learn to dance hip hop

The 7 best applications to learn to dance hip hop

If you’ve been thinking about educate yourself to steal hip hop But you haven’t decided to show up, you should know that, regardless of its difficulty value and the level of coordination you have with your body, in the Play Store we have all kinds of applications, including applications to learn how to steal hip hop.

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If it is true that in the Play Store we can find applications of all kinds, we must explore that many of them are not worth it, or even download them to try them. In order not to waste time looking for what are the the best application to educate yourself to steal hip hopFrom Android Guides we have done it and here we show you the result.

hip hop ballet flat

The Hip Hop Dance Guide application puts at our disposal a large number of videos with which we can educate different movements based on repeating them over and over again until they come out perfectly.

To be able to use this application, an internet connection is necessary, since the videos are not found inside the application, but through YouTube. The north of Hip Hop ballet is habitable for your download completely from cap and does not include any ads or in-app purchases,

hip hop workout

One of the most complete applications that we have at our disposal in the Play Store to take our first steps in the world of Hip Hop is this one. The application puts at our disposal a large number of different Hip Hop movements, more than 60 styles from nuclear to renovator.

The available exercises are divided into 3 categories: Breaking (Break Dance), Popping and Locking. It includes a training plan that allows us to educate ourselves in Hip Hop in 8 weeks. It allows us to automatically work the trainings, includes a reminder so that we do not miss any training and includes a large number of videos.

Hip Hop Training, it can be downloaded completely out of the box, it includes ads and in-app purchases to take advantage of all the content that the application offers us and which, by the way, is a lot, that’s right one of the best applications to educate yourself Hip Hop.

hip hop battle

Although it is not really an application to learn to steal Hip Hop if we can use it to do so. In HipHop Battle we have to battle girls against boys in a ballet battle. Each order has to Choose the best moves that are displayed on the screen.

By clicking on each of the dances, an animation of them is shown, so that we can repeat it over and over to learn it. On the other hand, Hip Hop even includes dispensed style steps and break dancing.

with more nearly 60,000 ratings and more than 5 million downloadsthis application is one of the most recommended to educate yourself in Hip Hop although it is not designed for it.

Hip Hop Battle is habitable for your download completely from cap, contains ads and purchases in the app to be able to unlock all content and remove ads.

hip hop school

As in the initial example, we have to return to the babble of a sampler, a sampler with which we can educate ourselves on different steps of Hip Hop while playing a sampler. Character customization options aside, this sampler allows us to educate ourselves at our own pace repeating over and over again the movements of the characters.

Hip Hop School, it’s habitable for your download completely from cap, includes ads and purchases inside the sampler to unlock all the options offered and remove the advertising. This application is from the same developer as Hip Hop Battle, so we are going to find practically the same ballet steps in both applications.

Hip hop ballet steps videos

With such a descriptive name, we find an application with a large collection of YouTube videos to educate yourself to master this type of ballet. All the videos that we can find in the application they come from youtube and they are categorized into different levels to solve the follow-up of a teaching by stages without mixing levels of difficulty.

By not including the videos inside the application, you need an internet connection In order to enjoy this application, an application that is available to download completely free of charge, includes ads but no in-app purchases.

how to breakdance

On how to breakdance, we have at our disposal a complete choreography of breakdance lessons for you to start educating yourself to steal Hip Hop. The app is designed to teach the basic techniques step by step of this ballet, with simple choices.

Thanks to this application, you can meet new friends who are even interested in educating this balletEspecially if we don’t join a b-boy team. With patience and building a solid foundation first, you can gradually improve your skills by following the tips and lessons that the app offers us.

How breakdancing is habitable for you download completely from cap and includes ads, but no in-app purchases, so it’s a great option to consider if you can’t or don’t intend to carry cash on this pastime.

Youtube videos

Although at the beginning of this article I commented that in the Play Store we have a large number of applications at our disposal, in this particular case, the quality of many of them it leaves much to be desired. There are many applications that only include photos without any explanation.

Others only show the steps to follow in English without any image. If you want to complement your knowledge of this ballet, it is likely that with one of these applications you will achieve it. However, if you want to educate yourself and have enough time to tell about it for hours, the best app to use is YouTube.

On YouTube we have a large number of videos at our disposal, videos that are both in Spanish and in other languages. In fact, we can find a Lots of introductory and advanced coursesnot only Hip Hip but even any other type of ballet.