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The 8 best applications to share a flat that you have on your mobile


The 8 best applications to share a flat that you have on your mobile

With all the rush that applications had to transfer vacation apartments in big cities, now we have those of sharing pavement on our mobile. And if these applications are growing in number of users, it is because of how difficult it is to transfer a home yourself in a large city adequate to the suspension cost.

therefore you We are going to show you the best applications to share pavement plus others that will even allow us to cross the sofa during recess and more if you live in a big city; That’s why taking out some dogs on specific days. Go for it.


we start with this application because it was created by Carlos Pierre, and that his brother is the founder of Glovo, and for offering rooms in shared flats. You just have to take a look at the Facebook groups in cities like Madrid or Barcelona when you are looking for a flat for rent, where you will find many rooms for rent.

This application is based on connect tenants and landlords so they can chatAt the same time, it is necessary to create a profile with details to be able to give security to those who are going to transfer a room as well as to those who are looking for it. In these cases the profile in Badi is very important. An app that is suitable in Spain and other cities such as London or Berlin, so if you plan to travel for work and others, it is one of the best in the repertoire.

Has hundreds of thousands of reviews and it is already very installed, so do not delay in trying it because it has jerk.


Unlike Badi, this application is most widespread in more than 200 countries and 18 different languagesso it becomes the consummate choice for the new generations who go out to study and need a room, since the cost in some cities is practically prohibitive, such as in Madrid or Barcelona.

Roomster allows you sign in with your Google account, Facebook and more, and from the first moment you can get roommates or accommodation. And we are in an app with details that will allow us to assimilate how accurate it can be, if there are guests to sleep over, if you have parties, time to get up and cohabit, eating habits (vegetarian, etc.), if you are a smokerwork hours, occupation and even if you have pets.

Interesting all these aspects to better direct the shotBecause when you share pavement with others, any of these little things can turn into conflicts that can grow over time. That is why Roomster is a very complete application in this regard.

United Kingdom

We are facing an app to share pavement that is defined for the United Kingdom and that it is in English, but we do not want to leave it aside, since it is a country in which many study and have good seasons. So if you’re in London or Manchester, SpareRoom is an essential app.

As the application itself states, have been able to house more than 10 million people in the UK United to manage house or manage tenants who want to share pavement. In fact, his own name was founded on sharing a room. It has a handicap and it is the term of an amount of 15 euros to appear in a series of advertisements and thus your profile has greater visibility.


We are going to go to an app that is very different from the rest and that, on the other hand, is closely linked to sharing pavement. We say this because it is a dedicated application for accounts between different tenants that share pavement are more than clear.

so everything Internet connection accounts, pizzas that were shared And it’s up to you to guarantee, or the plumber who has had to come to fix a little, they can be shared perfectly through this app that we gracefully have in the Play Store.

TO very specific application to fill out expenses perfectly and that these do not generate conflicts on the shared pavement. It even allows you to take photos of the business entrances to share them and make everything clear.

Couchsurfing hallucination app

An application to share flooring, but not specifically flooring, but the sofa as the application in its name indicates, although it is also open to one room and others. It’s a Application aimed at those who want to go through and succeed from other more popular applications such as Airbnb and that have changed the price of rentals in many cities around the world.

Let’s say an application that also It will allow us to get to know a multitude of other countries when transferring our sofa. It is not a specific application for tenants who may have their spaces, but it is socially convenient and there is a kind of link between who is going to guarantee your sofa and you who rent it. The application is in Spanish, so it is perfect to introduce us to another type of world in which we understand a different way of socializing and getting some dogs in return.

If you want another way to travel to meet the crowd and that it is more profitable than those Airbnb and others, try it; although you always have the option to go camping with these applications.

RoomMate Spaces

Another dedicated pavement sharing app, but to supply all expenses and control them. Instead of having an argument, we can opt for this application that also allows payments between tenants so that the accounts are more than clear and there are no problems.

There is no one worse than not understand in weekly payments and purchases such as utensils for precision and its products. The only drawback is that it is not in Spanish like the one we mentioned above, but if you are outside of Spain it can be witty that you understand each other on the pavement. It is expedited.


we are yesteryear yes, that typical application to manage and cross a pavement and that he also has the option of managing rooms to share, although he is more general as Idealista; And it is that the fact that we have more specific applications will allow us not to go overboard in front of those of Milanuncios and those mentioned.

Habitaclia is not so well known so we encourage you to try it In case the rest of the applications have not worked for you, or you want to have more possibilities by advertising in more places to find a room or transfer one.

Dada Room: Roomies and Rooms

TO application dedicated to finding “Roomies” or whoever is looking for a room or that it is you who rents it. It is an app with a website and through which more than 800,000 roomies have passed, although it is true that its app is not very downloaded with more than 8,000 reviews.

Dada Room has rooms from many countries and Latin America It is very perfectly situated for you to find a pavement partner. A free app that can be used to find a room to move.

These are the best applications to find pavement and that will allow you to be in the city to study or work. Do not miss the appointment and try them all.