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The 9 best applications to watch 100% free pay channels

The 9 best applications to watch 100% free pay channels

Television is an important factor in our lives thanks to being able to consume all kinds of content, be it digital television or streaming. Thanks to the different platforms today we can watch a movie, a series, a documentary or a cartoon without a shortage of interruptions and designate on demand.

Thanks to technology and applications, millions of users can enjoy any channel without having to pay for that service. Imagine watching movies anytime from your mobile device and even get the signal via direct television without expensive cables.

Today we show the best applications to watch subscription channels 100% inappropriate with which to be able to see any type of content, including one of the things that are consumed today, which is sports in universal. It will be up to the person what to see at that precise moment with just a few clicks on the screen.

extreme iptv

IPTV Extreme is known to be an Android app for watching TV, It works through channel lists in m3u format, a file that will give users directions for live broadcasts. The channel register will change depending on the one selected, there are many available and all of them are functional today.

The app is compatible with Google’s Chromecast., automatically updates the TV director, records programs in real time and has parental control. On the other hand, the application adds the possibility of uploading the lists by theme, especially when it comes to sorting them by categories.

The IPTV Extreme tool is the best alternative to ModBro, on the other hand, associating the m3u lists is not as complicated as it seems. Being a free app it has ads.although these are excluded in subscription reading for an annual subscription to keep the software updated.


For a long time it has become an invaluable media center when it comes to playing any type of content, including external playlists. Using the plugins, you will see free and paid channels at any time in your terminal and in turn outside of it.

Kodi can be installed on the other hand of phones on TV Box with the Android system, being a perfect application as a player for all types of files. The heir will adapt this application to his inclination, since channels can be associated separately, make a record of favorites and other actions.

The Kodi application is essential if you want to be able to watch all kinds of content, whether they are movies, series, documentaries and even YouTube directly. It is one of the most voted on the other hand to have more than 10 million downloads today on mobile devices. The installation of channels is feasible to do.

your tv player

It’s like the other two, a perfect application to play free DTT channels such as subscriptions from well-known platforms. With it you can do all the sports, movies, series, children’s series and any file on the network of networks.

You TV Player allows users to retain the content they want to see later or add it to favorites to always have it at hand. Add chat feature to chat with friends and people we will meet in chatbut it will depend on the person to be able to answer each of the messages.

The You TV Player application has the option of being able to send content to Chromecast from Google and play any video on TV. It is one of the top rated apps outside of the Play Store by millions of people who have downloaded the app from its official website.

Download: your tv player

SU Player v1.2

With SU Player v1.2 we can see any inappropriate content on television, such as movies, live sports, novels, series, anime and documentaries, among other content. It is compatible with any Android phone, tablets, TV Box, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and TVs with app input.

You need OWLY GO! to work, a utility tool with which the application supports, for this it will be necessary to enter the Facebook page to carry out the steps. Then you have to download GAME OVER from play store to get the password (inside the ONE tab) to enter OWLY GO.

Through OWLY GO! we will have access to hundreds of channels, all organized by different categories such as the following: Entertainment, Cinema and series, Civilization, As a child, Premium, Music, Sport, Countries, 24/7 and the last one is to support the created scheme. After testing it, we can confirm that it has many interesting broadcasts.

Download: SU Player v1.2 | Owly GO!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


One of the applications par excellence, in 2021 it continues to work as it did in 2020 thanks to the available servers. WisePlay is a video player capable of analyzing m3U lists, to use it you just have to copy a URL and paste it to show the channel record.

After importing it, you will see the live broadcasts of those who are in that registry that is used to watch DTT and free subscription channels. WisePlay has a clear and simple interfacebeing useful on any Android phone, but equally suitable on TV Box, PC and Chromecast.

Play all types of video files like aac, avi, asf, amr, divx, flv, h264, hevc, m3u8, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, mts, ogg, rm, rmvb, ts, vp9, and wmv, as well as http, https, mms, rtmp, or rtsp protocols. It is available on the Play Store and has approximately 5 million downloads. It is in Spanish and use it in a matter of dedicating little time to it.

MX Player

Just like WisePlay, it works as a video player.It even accepts lists with which you can watch channels from all over the world without any restrictions. MX Player is carving out a niche for itself, which is why it’s up to many who are looking for a regional video player elsewhere on the internet.

MX Player includes a very clear interface at first glance, it will also play those videos that you have on your mobile phone at that moment. To associate m3u or other links, go to the three lines On the top left, click Regional Network, click the “+” gem and add the name to the server band, click Connect and all channels will be displayed.

It is a very popular application.Transmitted that it has been downloaded by 500 million users around the world, it is also one of the best valued for all the options it offers. MX Player is great for watching DTT and subscription channels similar to WisePlay.

kraken tv

It is one of the applications that over time has been improving significantly to include an important record, all organized by different countries. In Spain the channels are relatively few, but the promoter promises to renew periodically.

It adds DTT channels in some countries, although the best thing is the complete registration of subscription channels, all without having to load any registration. Kraken TV is one of many options on the Internet. and the burden of live broadcasts is yet to be thought of.

The heir will be able to retain the channels in favorites that you see more to always have it at hand without having to go looking for one by one for each country. Kraken TV has the option to be in Spanish once you open it, it also adds advertising to support the work of the developers.

Download: kraken tv

The dragons feel

It is an option similar to Kodi, WisePlay and MX Player, takes advantage of external links to play live content, although it also reads the files on the device. Due to its interface it seems minimalist, but it fulfills all the functions perfectly.

Dragons Feel needs to be updated to a recent version once you install it, for this give it an automatic download and then look for available lists. To do this, click on the “+” and enter one of the many available on the Internet to load the list.

It is a video player similar to IPTV applications., but with the ability to play all types of files by having the necessary codecs. Dragons Feel is currently out of the Play Store and weighs around 32 megabytes to be able to use it, remember to have unknown sources activated for installation.

Download: The dragons feel

freeflix HQ

An application that we have loved has been FreeFlix HQ, an application that brings together everything new in terms of cinema, on the other hand, to be able to watch television by importing the channel registry. Except for movies, it has TV series, Anime and the aforementioned Live TV, where the channels are imported.

To associate one just click on “Live TV”, click on Join m3u file URL and paste the link to load all TVs. It is one of the most complete, on the other hand, it loads all the videos quickly. It is in Spanish and leaves the option to retain the favorite channels.

Download: freeflix HQ