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The best applications to protect privacy on your Android mobile

The best applications to protect privacy on your Android mobile

In these days when the issue of WhatsApp privacy is being raised, they are emerging some apps like Signal or Telegram that emphasize that end-to-end secrecy that always protects the messages you send and receive from your mobile.

That’s why we’re going to teach you a series of applications that protect privacy so that our mobile is a chest that no one can enter; Let’s say that we are going to protect what matters most to us as if our mobile were our home and we would not allow anyone to be there interfering where they were not called. Go for it.


Well, we start with this application that emphasizes privacy for a reason that sets it apart from the rest: offers chat, media sharing and group video calls with end-to-end secrecy default. It is unique that it does not carry any news with which it can identify us, and this is the great difference with other better-known chat applications such as WhatsApp.

Even Telegram does not offer end-to-end secrecy in chats by default Until we have a private conversation. And while WhatsApp still offers end-to-end secrecy, the sheer amount of data it takes from our chats is little to think about.

It is true that it does not have all the functionalities that WhatsApp or Telegram can have with audio notes, shared location and many others, but it does offer that security that has finished that in a matter of a few days it has rushed the amount of 50 million downloads.

It is true that our friends or family will take a while to start installing it.so we are faced with one of its biggest disadvantages.


Another chat application, and you have to give him all the valence because he takes care of all the messages that we send and receive on our mobile. Telegram is another application that advocates privacy and can boast that many of our acquaintances have it installed.

Perhaps it is his old superiority with respect to the initial one, since he has been generating great experience for years and updating himself to become one of the best transportation apps that we have on a mobile. That said, it lacks some things that Signal or WhatsApp have, like group video calls; essential in these days of pandemic in which communication through video has become essential for everyone.

Telegram keep updating with generous updates that have ended up inspiring WhatsApp and that additionally boasts its own service in the lot from our account, accesses all kinds of information channels, purchases and more, and because it depends on itself unlike WhatsApp that is linked to Facebook.

Samsung Secure Folder

if you’re lucky going around with a Samsung phone of accession huelike the Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, S21, Note10 or Note20 and many others, you have Secure Knox with Secure Folder.

We already talked about one of Samsung’s secure folders as an option to protect our privacy, since it creates a layer completely isolated internally from the effective system and to which it can only be transferred through a password, PIN or the fingerprint sensor; If we already have the hackneyed ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the Samsung end of the Galaxy Note10, better than better because we can configure a fingerprint to enter this layer or Secure Folder directly from the loneliness screen.

no lock, Secure Folder even allows us to install any application as if we were in front of another phone; To be sure, we can install another WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Signal account or even a Google account for that more professional or more hidden part where we want to protect our sensitive documents.

ProtonMail and ProtonCalendar

Proton is a company that has end-to-end secrecy for all its solutions of software. Android has the brand new ProtonCalendar and that allows us to have a complete calendar in which all your events and information will always be encrypted.

Of course we are talking about a professional decision for those who want to protect all their data. As ProtonCalendar, we have ProtonMail (in fact we put this application in the repertoire of best alternatives to Gmail) and it has been suitable for Android for a very short time as an email client and provider that continues with the same reason for being.

Of course, we can forget about trying it out, since it is an application that needs a monthly or annual subscription to be able to enjoy it, at least from a mobile; Yes it is true that from the desktop we can have our own email, although with a series of limits in the remittance of emails and more. At least testing its increased privacy capabilities is more than interesting.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

firefox focus

yes I know we are looking for a safe and reliable browser that works like a charm we can count on Mozilla’s Firefox Focus. We are not going to guarantee anything about this decision that has been with us for many years and has always shown that they are capable of creating excellent software for both desktop and mobile devices.

Yes Firefox Focus focuses on privacy It is because it removes trackers by blocking them when we browse websites. Of course, it is also a great browser to keep us incognito when we surf the net and it has a switch with which we can delete the entire browsing history at once.

TO great app to follow other browsersespecially when we want to browse all the release in the world without those trackers intruding on our URLs.

Bitwarden Password Manager

With this password manager we are in the presence of a thrown one that is characterized by a large number of functions. Can whisper about AES-256 bit secret, hashing and PBKDF2-SHA-256 secret. As a nice bonus, this app is capable of encrypting the password information you have on your device to sync it with other devices and faithfully no one can see your information.

TO password manager that is open source and that is also responsible for creating more secure passwords than the ones we already have. Its tens of thousands of reviews in the Play Store with a great average score is a great endorsement to rate its installation and test its experience in encrypted password paperwork with those protocols of secrecy proportionately recognized by all.

Lock My Pix

We already told you that Secure Folder is one of the best privacy applications that we have on our mobile. Still Huawei gives a decision and Google a mere copy, but if you don’t have a Samsung phone and want to protectAt least your images and videos, we can count on LockMy Pix.

The images and videos that you hide from other people’s eyes on your mobile with this application are encrypted in AES CTR. It allows you to hide the app from the app drawer and even make it look like a bogus login.

Then becomes an alternative to bliss, although more specific in functions and not as extensive as Secure Folder, which is like having a phone inside another phone. Here we have a chest where we can accumulate those images and videos with slightly sensitive content that we do not want anyone to see.


we are yesterday one of the best privacy apps for two reasons more than obvious and that it is necessary to assimilate value as it happens with Signal. On the one hand, this application is responsible for monitoring the use of data. A very useful function for those who have connections measured in their monthly payments so as not to miss out.

But the interesting thing about GlassWire comes to show us which applications connect to your servers or use your data. And it is that it does so by showing it in real time, which is why it allows us to assess the personalization that we will bring app to app to wall the use of data.

Therefore we can control if there is any application that makes excessive use of our data and it is better to uninstall them to make sure we do not exceed the divide that the surgeon has imposed on us; since either we begin to consume more data by paying or we are limited in speed.

These are the best privacy applications that you have on your Android mobile And that in some cases we advise you to try what Signal or Telegram are like.