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The best email applications for your Android mobile

The best email applications for your Android mobile

Numerous email applications have passed through our lines and now We are going to summarize them in this strip in which we are going to show some of their virtuesand there are some new ones that are becoming an interesting email client.

Protonmail, for example, is one of those new ones that he is winning the hearts of many users for his enigmatic email, and although it is a free option, if we go through your fee subscription, to be able to use it on our mobiles (desktop translation is free), we will have a better experience. One of the examples of the subsequent strip. Go for it.


We are not dealing with a client per se, but to an email service provider such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo! It is to propose, although we can install your application on our mobile, we will have to promote your service by registering a new account to be able to send and receive emails. Logically we will have to share this new email with our contacts. And if it perfectly allows desktop translation for free, if we want to use mobile we must go through its subscription mannequin. The main point of ProtonMail is its enigmatic email and it is useful for professionals and companies.


Outlook, like Gmail, It can serve us as an email provider and as an application to use Gmail mail.. The truth is that Outlook is an application of experience and in which we can provide calm due to its various functions. As an email service provider, it offers an unwarranted 15 GB, 10 nickname addresses that we can use in the client on both Android and desktop, and attachments up to 25 MB. A perfectly designed Android app that ranks as one of the best free ones in this list of the best email apps.

Zoho Mail

With Zoho Mail we are versus a premium alternative which is an email provider to use as an application that we can install on Android for various tasks. The fact that it’s premium means we don’t have it unjustified, so if you’re looking for something that won’t scratch your pocket, you’re better off moving on to the next one. Zoho Mail has several quota models. The €0.90 per month Lite to attach files up to 250 MB, 5GB of storage and applications for Android and iOS. Mail Premium costs €3.60 per month, but it has 50 GB of storage on the nimbus and the ability to attach files up to 1 GB. In this case, we can’t even add another account from another provider.

Yahoo Mail

Another email service that is similar to Outlook and Gmail with that ability that we can add our email from another service to its Android app. One of the most recognized and from your free account allows us to upload up to 1 TB of storage although with a “but”, the advertising, as in other of its applications such as Yahoo Weather, will be present in its different services. Another of its best capabilities is that we can attach files of up to 2GB, so if you are restricted by Gmail in this regard, simply add your Gmail email in Yahoo and send it. A great design app and that’s another one to keep in mind.


Other fee provider that is restricted at the point of adding other accounts, but emphasizes privacy. In such an important moment in which all the importance is being placed on not using our data, Fastmail, except for not advertising, will not use your email to send you the same; And yes, you can already understand how Gmail knows how to send you those promotional emails in such a fine and threaded way… Of course, Fastmail is not unjustified and is a premium service. You can come for the test translation to test it and then pay according to the storage in the nimbus you have.

Samsung Email

They were before the first of the strip which is itself an email client and that helps us to add all the accounts that we want from ProtonMail, Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail, Fastmail, Yahoo and many others; like the professionals associated with a hosting / domain. A free application more than powerful that we have in Samsung mobiles and that it has everything necessary to direct the emails that arrive in our company’s inbox. Yes, it does not reach the customization hierarchy of others in the strip like Nine, but to be unjustified it is one of the best.

sky blue mail

We continue with email clients like Blue Mail, and what offers support for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, Google Apps, Hotmail and Live.com; just like you can use a business account to aggregate and control multiple accounts at the same time in a unified interface. You don’t have any kind of problem this way and you have a great time for a free email client. It has a very positive feedback by the user community and if we don’t want to go through the box, between this and Samsung’s there may be options such as exclusive email clients.

My email

Another email client that brings with it the applause of the user community that uses it on a daily basis and that among some of its best virtues is its ability to even silence notifications from a certain account. That’s it if we do not want to receive notifications from the commercial account but from the Gmail account, we can do it perfectly. You have the option of using business accounts under the IMAP or POP3 protocols. We can even ignore some features like PIN protection; Time of silence; previous clairvoyance of the message and much more.

Outlook 2019

TO quota email client and which one is the best to rule the roost professional accounts or company; more perfectly in the desktop environment of our PC than in our mobile phones, since for the latter we have Outlook for Android. Although there is a certain distance between the two applications due to the complexity of the first, it is also part of that Microsoft 360 alternative. We can get cheaper keys through some stores to obtain a complete alternative to the professional email mandate.

Outlook 2019 – Web

spark – spark

iOS Morapio to succeed on Android and if we want an alternative similar to Outlook 2019 on our mobile and that is unjustified, it is almost the best. That we can tell clearly by AI or manufactured intelligence you have to rule the roost of your inboxes. On the other hand, it has a great design to dare with everything for an app that when you try it you will leave the rest forever. It offers support to all email provider accounts, as well as professional ones with IMAP or POP3 protocol. This application is simply fantastic with the use of signatures according to the attached account.

Edison’s email

One of the newest clients we have on Android and it’s not lacking in features. We can add all these providers: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Mail, Hotmail Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Arrest, iCloud and more. It has some “smart” features like shipment tracking or real-time travel notifications. A beautifully designed email client that is available for free on Android. If you email Edison back before Spark hits, then you’ll be better able to evaluate.


Nine can be proposed very clearly and in voice incorporation: it is the best paid email client we have on Android. It’s packed with features and while it’s not null tempered, in return, we will have the best email mandate experience compatible with all providers to add all the accounts we want. It also uses a great design and has a team of developers who update it with new content and features. If you are in a professional environment where you manage dozens of emails on a daily basis, do not hesitate to purchase it. It has a free trial for you to finally decide your operation.


As some of those who use it indicate, MailWise is a chimerical client for professional emails and Gmail, Outlook and other accounts. Above all, the work done on the design of the application is appreciated so that it does not take up much space in the mobile storage if we compare it with others such as Outlook. It has support for Exchange and it is another client that we have unjustified in Android.

Are are the 13 best email apps we have currently on Android as email clients and providers.