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The best mobile solitaire app

The best mobile solitaire app

The popularity of solitaire games has finally grown a lot, from the adults to the very young. You are surely wondering what makes this app so attractive and interesting. In this article we will show you the benefits of this entertaining card team, and one of the best solitaire applications that we find on the market today.

Benefits of playing solitaire

In case you didn’t know, solitaire is a team of cards or decks for one person. It is considered a team of patience and dexterity, and there are many of them!

Card games are ideal for the cognitive advancement of people, from advancing their memory or analytical skills, to advancing their neural connections and their left and right hemispheres.

Researchers at the University of California conducted a study in 2000, in which they found that the domain of the brain used to play solitaire stimulates the immune system. The researchers suggest this is because players must use memory, visualization and sequencing.

These same researchers found that brain-challenging games are highly appropriate for older people, because they provide regular intellectual and social stimulation.

Solitaire.io and its application

Solitar.io is a company specialized in advancing free solitaire games. Created in 2010, their website has a wide variety and number of solitaire games that you can play around with. You can also create your account and track your earnings and progress. Among the different games that you can find on the page are spider solitaire, klondike and carte blanche among other different types of solitaire.

On October 1, 2018, the Solitaires app hit online stores: the ultimate collection, with a wide range of solitaire games available to play for free. This application is completely free and is suitable for mobile phones and computers.

This application, which occupies a space of 48 MB on your computer, and has a download size of 209 MB, already has more than ten thousand downloads on Google Play and a score of 4.5 on a 5-point scale.

only on your cell phone

For lovers of solitaire games, people who want to fuel the active brain, or simply entertain themselves during their travels, recreation or in their sovereign time, this is the ideal application for you. And if what you want is to take your games everywhere on your cell phone, now you can.

A moment ago we told you that, until recently, solitaire.io only had a website, but now they have developed a free application for Android and IOS mobiles. You can find and download this amazing app from the App Store at this link or from Google Play here.